Education for Personal Development

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I’m sure you all agree with me that personal development is an accelerator to the release of human potential. Formal education is one of the processes through which we achieve this personal development. That is why we spend lots of money, time and energy attending schools, colleges and universities, to be certificated at various levels.

But the question which I ask is: does formal education necessarily make us achieve such intended personal development? From my experiences as a student for many years and now a university lecturer, I have come to recognize what I call “The Deception of Formal Education.” Most people think that just by enrolling themselves or their children in a school or university, then their education is automatic. Well, that may be true about baking a cake – you can just mix the flour with egg, margarine and baking powder, etc. and shove it into the oven and just in a matter of minutes, you can come for a deliciously baked cake! But, it doesn’t work this way with human personal development in formal education. For you to achieve the personal development required for the release of your potential, you must make a purposeful engagement with the various resources, materials, equipment and tutelage that the curriculum provides. You must examine and discover your talent area, in order to resolutely develop such talent into the skills, knowledge, personality and attitudes required for you to shine in your chosen area.

In ‘How To Excel And Have Fun At University’ I have extensively explained the various ways in which a learner can discover their talent area and selectively go for the educational and training resources available to develop their potential into employable skills. These are in the following chapters:

Chapter 3: From Talent To Skill
Chapter 9: Educate Yourself

Let’s discuss these ideas. Invite all your friends and families to join this discussion. As they prepare to enter or complete university, let them know that there’s guidance and inspiration in ‘How To Excel And Have Fun At University’! LET US TALK NOW!

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